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Consider this. The hair removal business is worth three billion dollars! Women, who have always wanted smooth skin, are continually searching for a more gentle, effective method. And, surprisingly, more and more men are now becoming customers of hair removal salons. There is a huge market out there, ans with theSUKAR SYSTEM, you have the opportunity to tap into it.

The SUKAR SYSTEM is a service that removes hair directly from the roots with a natural paste made of sugar and lemon. Besides pampering your clients,SUKAR can make your job an absolute pleasure and your salon more profitable. Here's how:


SUKAR's cost to sales is about 5% - 8%

If you earn $100 with the SUKAR System, it will have cost you less than $10.00 in total for paste, gloves, soap, etc. What hair removal product can compare to that?


SUKAR is quality service

Today's discerning consumers demand quality. And they learn quickly that waxing is just waxing. SUKAR, on the other hand, makes them feel special - even pampered - the way a mini-massage does. And its pure sugar paste gently and effectively removes even the shortest hairs, just as promised. SUKAR's paste techniques make this system the most gentle form of professional hair removal - bar none. That's what brings clients in - and that's what keeps them coming back!


SUKAR reaches a larger market

SUKAR can be used on men and women, and it is safe for all types of skin, and most varicose veins. Anyone from 8 to 88 can experience SUKAR. Now that's a wide client base!

SUKAR's natural qualities make clean-up a breeze

SUKAR sugar paste dissolves with water and won't stain lab coats, table sheets, towels, or clients' clothing. Not only that, but it doesn't have the nasty odor of wax or resin products that many clients find offensive. Your workplace is always hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.


With SUKAR, a little goes a long way!

The beauty of SUKAR is that you can reuse a portion of the natural sugar paste more than once on the same client. And the more thinly you apply it, the more effective it is (unlike wax!). Plus, SUKAR does not dry or harden on the client's skin. There's no excessive waste, and your profit margin is much higher!


No expensive heater is required

SUKAR paste jars fit into your conventional wax heater. And the easy-clean quality of the paste means your heater always looks brand new!


SUKAR is not available to the consumer

SUKAR products and services are offered ONLY in the professional marketplace, and only by certified SUKAR SPECIALISTS. So you need never worry about losing your customers to an "at home kit." SUKAR is professionally exclusive. And it's fast becoming the choice of trade schools. It's the least rigorous and fastest of all waxing and sugar-based depilatory systems today. That's important to a full-time professional.


SUKAR is the sweetest way to business success

For a minimal investment of your time and money, you too could be using SUKAR in your salon or operating your own home based business.

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Call (403) 270-0058 for more details about course availability and information packages to SUKAR's SWEET SUCCESS.

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