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I have been seeing Jacki for 15 years. She has always provided us with the best of customer service and is always pleasant and professional. Her many interests and continued thirst for education has made for extremely interesting conversations both with her and our group outside her clinic. Wise beyond her years!

Penny, teacher


Jacki is obviously thorough as an educator and has a very high standard of excellence and rigid apprenticeship program. She has managed to successfully duplicate herself which allows me to fit my sugar appointments around my busy schedule. I can rest assured if I don’t see her, I will be treated professionally with the same level of comfort and efficiency I have enjoyed over the last 12 years since I was first referred to the clinic. Definitely not a salon.

Lisa, family physician


I appreciate the extra time and attention that each specialist I have seen takes to ensure an efficient, courteous, professional service every time and worth every penny more than what I paid at the last place! Jenny, Megan, Brandy, Dayna, Chelsea, and Laura come to mind – Jacki, you taught them well.

Jeff, engineer, business owner


From the very first visit I was made to feel comfortable and they taught me things other places didn’t. I’ll continue to recommend Jacki and never go back to waxing or shaving!

Sarah, server


I have been a client of Jacki’s for many years now. I cannot imagine seeing anyone else for body sugar treatments. She is conscienscious, professional and excellent at what she does. These qualities are what I believe make her stand out in the business she is in. I trust her completely and recommend her highly.

Kelly – Blue Circle


Jacki took the care and attention I needed to help me understand exactly what I needed to know and do to help me recover from years of bad in grown hairs from waxing and other sugar places. I am forever grateful for the fact that I can once again wear a bathing suit without feeling self-conscious. All my years of working out and personal training can be shown off! Thanks, Jacki!

Dental hygenist


I started as a patient of kensington physio and tried the sugaring because it was convenient. I liked that I was always greeted by a friendly receptionist and enjoyed the equally pleasant and competent sugar specialists. it’s good to see a husband and wife share space with each of their successful practices. It feels like family and if I needed a place to work, looks like it would be a good mix of people to work with. I haven’t needed any physio for a while, but my hair keeps growing!

Sue, legal assistant


Jacki is the reason I have been going to Kensington body Sugar for over 17 years now. I find sugar much gentler with less skin irritation than wax. I can have my face done on my coffee break and my Brazilian done the same day I wear a bathing sute and have no tell tale signs of irritation or redness like other methods in the past.

Sandra G. – mom


I have been sugaring since 1998. I like sugaring because it works – and nothing will burn me! What’s great about coming to Kensington body sugar Treatments is Jacki – she does an excellent job!

Shelly G.

I have been sugaring here since 1997 – I have waxed for 8 years before that. What I like about sugaring is there is no pain or extra redness from heat, less irritation after an appointment, and no rash or bumps to deal with. Jacki and her Team provide very professional service. I always feel well cared for and continue to recommend Kensington body Sugar Treatments.

Lori S. – mom



I have been a client of Jacki’s for well over 10 years and her skill and professionalism never ceases to amaze me. She has always made me feel relaxed and comfortable during my treatments, thus making them almost painless. I also find the vibe in the clinic very appealing because everyone just feels welcomed and cared for, which transcends into how they treat their clients. I have recommended her to several friends over the years and will happily continue to do so.

Karen F. – MSW, RSW


After enjoying the professional service of jacki and her team (as she calls them), I eventually convinced my husband to try a brazillian too. We’ve both been happy clients now for 15 years. I highly recommend it to couples of all ages. Even in retirement now we’re still enjoying our sugaring!

Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous (in case our kids our reading!)


I was the last one in our group to be brave enough to try the ‘brazillian’. From the first appointment, jacki put me at ease and by the end I was surprised by how quickly the time had gone. I was impressed by the way she fit in the professional care and education with the interesting stories that helped pass the time and made me forget what was actually happening! I can’t wait to make new friends so I can make referrals (and get the discounts too! ☺)

RN’s of Foothills


I found over the last 10+ years that sugar is less painful than waxing and believe it is more effective. Jacki is the greatest thing about coming here! All the staff is great too! Extremely personable and make you feel comfortable. I have recommended Jacki for sugaring and Air Tanning.

Stephanie M.


We have been sugaring since 2002. The pain is minimal and we don’t have to worry about hair growth for over a month. The staff is absolutely amazing and very personable. The prices are great and the atmosphere is very relaxing, warm and inviting. We have, and will recommend Kensington Body Sugar Treatments any opportunity we get.

Renee and Alex

I have been sugaring for over 11 years. It is more natural than wax. My face looks pink for only a few minutes as opposed to days after waxing. I have never been burned with sugaring whereas I have been with waxing. It is great to come because of the welcoming, friendly people and atmosphere. Would I recommend Kensington Body Sugar Treatments? ABSOLUTELY, no doubt in my mind.

Colleen G.


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A word from the one who started it all.


A friend of mine told me about Kensington Body Sugar treatments and gave me a referral card. After my first appointment, I was hooked! I’ll never go back to waxing or go any place else! I continue to book my sugar appointments monthly and I always tell all my friends about sugaring! Sarah

Body sugaring has given me quick and easy freedom from unwanted hair since 2004. Now my full body (including male Brazilian) is nice and smooth, and I love the feeling! I smell nicer, feel cleaner, and look more appealing to the opposite sex. My girlfriend also raves about how desirable I am, can’t get enough of me. I strongly recommend A Fine Bikini Line and Air Brush Tanning for all your hair removal and Tanning needs! – Brad T.

I have been a client of Jacki’s since 2000. Sugaring is a much better method of hair removal with none of the problems associated with other products. We come to Kensington Body sugar for a ‘girl’s day out’ and a friendly visit with Jacki and staff.

Roberta W. – RN, Innisfail

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